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Fraser Dove Consult


What is Fraser Dove Consult?

We understand the need to be agile when it comes to your people and your recruitment. That’s why we have designed our Consult solutions to ‘plug-and-play’ as and when you need them. Focussed around the pillars of strategy, coaching and culture, these are one off workshops and campaigns that slot into any immediate gaps that appear within your business.

Strategy – The recruitment lifecycle of awareness, attraction, selection and retention requires careful planning. We carry out workshops that touches upon all of these areas including your marketing activity, your application processes and your assessment techniques. The purpose of this is to provide you with the toolkits that give you the best chance of bringing the best life sciences talent into your business.

Coaching – If those involved in the interview process require upskilling or a refresher course in any areas of assessment, interviewing or career coaching then Fraser Dove can offer that. Our trusted team are well-versed in carrying out Hogan Assessments as well as working with your team on mitigating unconscious bias in your hiring processes.

Culture – We work with companies on defining their EVP and Employer brand to take to market. Going beyond purely attracting life sciences talent to your business we hold up a mirror to your business’ culture and put in place clear roadmaps to retain talent as well as support those who leave your business for whatever reason. The goal is to position you as an Employer of Choice in life sciences.

Outplacement – We support those who leave your business for whatever reason. Our specialist outplacement consultants offer career coaching support with the aim to help individuals move on into a new role as soon as possible. This involves job search hacking, interview coaching and personal branding advice. An organisation that cares about their staff past and present is the way forwards.

Why do we offer it?

When it comes to recruitment and talent, there are times when we are so focussed on attracting and getting new people into the business that we sometimes forget about the existing talent.

Ensuring continuous development of staff internally, especially those involved in the hiring process, is just as important to provide an excellent candidate experience as well as boost retention levels by offering continuous learning and development.

Fraser Dove’s team of talent consultants have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the trends of the market and the demands from talent and have brought together several trusted advisors and packages that ensures your business is positioned to attract and retain the talent you need for your business objectives.


How do we deliver it?

Much like our Intelligence solutions, our Consult services are tailored to exactly what you need at a moment in time. We will of course spend some time in discovery sessions with you and offer our recommendations, but the very nature of On-Demand means you can pick and choose when you want to utilise them.

We will then take the hassle out of the scheduling, planning and delivery of the services so that you can be assured on putting what you learn into practice and seeing the outcomes we laid out from our call with you.


Answering your commonly asked questions

Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) contain answers to the most common questions our clients and candidates ask our consultants about executive search. Should you have any specific questions that we have not yet answered, please contact us at enquiries@fraserdove.com or call us on +44 (0)203 355 7050. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 business day.

While your employer brand is essentially your organisation’s reputation as an employer, Employee Value Proposition (EVP) refers to the benefits your current and future employees will receive for their time and effort.

The vast majority of our services are conducted in-house, although we do collaborate with some specialist partners. All of our partners have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they align with Fraser Dove and our standards of service.

Yes, we can partner with you to analyse both the As-Is and To-Be process in your business. This describes the present state of your organisation’s culture and how your organisation will appear in the future if you implement changes depending on your goals. We then proactively work together to transform your business as required.

We assess and interview candidates, day in, day out. We have a tried and tested procedure for evaluating technical competence and personality fit. Some of our clients have exceptionally robust interview processes, while others see this as a potential gap. If you fall into the latter, we can help you refine your processes to ensure you hire the best talent for your business.

It’s never easy to exit an employee, but our outplacement services are here to help. Our specialist outplacement consultants will work with exiting staff to come up with a career plan, guiding them through the job search process and giving them the tools they need to secure their next position in the most efficient manner possible.