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Learning and development

Career growth

To support such an innovative industry as the life sciences, we must strive for advancement in everything we do. It’s our knowledge and expertise that ensures industry leaders and emerging start-ups return for more excellent service. That’s why we invest in first-class learning and development for our team.

At Fraser Dove, we have ambitious growth plans. We want every single member of our team to come along for the ride. We understand that learning and development is an essential part of retention, which is why we invest in you to be the best person you can be.

Whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced consultant, we are committed to our people. We make sure you have the training and guidance you need to fulfil your potential in what you want to achieve.

Our commitments to you

  • Career development

    Career development is an important aspect of our company culture. We know visibility of progression is important, which is why we refresh our career development plans each year. This outlines our hierarchical structure and offers aspirational and flexible development paths to motivate you to succeed. We want you to feel inspired and inspire the people and businesses you work with.

  • Mentorship

    Our leadership team have a wealth of industry experience. With an open plan office and a collaborative working environment, you don’t have to look far for advice. Our leaders are fully integrated into the day-to-day activity of business and mentorship is readily accessible.

  • External training

    We partner with external training providers to take our employees to the next level. This industry-leading training programme allows new skills to be learned while at the same time perfecting current ones. We understand the importance of exposing you to fresh perspectives that can really make the difference.

  • Champion Scheme

    We are committed to continuously improving our processes. We have a dedicated team of appointed “Champions” to address a range of high priority issues in the search for excellence. This focus on upskilling enables our team of Champions to regularly run their own training sessions in their specialised areas.

  • Good to great

    Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our diverse team is comprised of people with unique insights and ideas on ways to improve. In our bi-weekly ‘Good To Great’ meetings, we offer up the floor for staff to share their challenges or ideas for improvement so that we can learn and grow together.