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Fraser Dove Intelligence


What is Fraser Dove Intelligence?

We now live in a data-driven world and having access and interpreting this information can sometimes be the difference in securing talent in a highly competitive market. Our ‘TIP’ offering can give you the edge when it comes to Technology, Insights and People.

Technology – With access to our market leading, cloud-based CRM system, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to react in real-time to our processes. Combined with an industry leading tech-stack for you to utilise, including assessment platforms, your talent experience both internally and externally will be second to none.

Insights – We have invested in technology that is able to track the life sciences industry when it comes to talent. We can produce tailored insights for you based around your competitors, in-demand skills, salary benchmarking, funding trends and so much more. The insights you receive inform better decision-making when it comes to talent strategy.

People – Our intelligence solutions, although driven by data, are focused on your people. Both the ones you currently have on your team as well as those you are looking to attract. From team structures and succession planning to pipeline building and talent mapping – we create regular and tailored reports on life sciences talent driven by technology and led by our experience.

Interested to find out more about what TIP is? Get in touch today, we’d love to explain more.

Why do we offer it?

Almost every company says that their people are their most important assets but there are few that take the time and resources available to them to demonstrate that. There are even fewer companies that offer it as part of a talent solutions service.

Experience counts for nothing if you are not up-to-speed with the life sciences market today. If you want regular, verified and data-led information on your business, your competitors and the talent working in the market then it can take a lot of time and effort. Fraser Dove takes that pain away giving you the confidence that your current activity and plans for the future are less ‘gut-feel’ and more borne out of intelligence.


How do we deliver it?

We don’t offer an off-the-shelf product when it comes to our Intelligence offering. Every life sciences company is different. You may be a start-up in Munich, an established player in New York or a fast-growing business in Singapore – we will tailor our offering to you. If you want monthly market reports then we’ll do that, if you only want them quarterly, we can do that as well. The same goes with our succession planning and pipeline building workshops and anything else.

We’ll build the solutions that you need. If you’d like to get started, let us know.


Answering your commonly asked questions

Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) contain answers to the most common questions our clients and candidates ask our consultants about executive search. Should you have any specific questions that we have not yet answered, please contact us at enquiries@fraserdove.com or call us on +44 (0)203 355 7050. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 business day.

Succession planning involves future-proofing your organisation in the event that business-critical post holders leave. It ensures you have the right talent within your organisation to fill key roles effectively and deal with future challenges.

We can analyse as many or as few competitors as required. We work closely with you to identify those businesses most relevant to you.

We analyse a broad array of quantitative and qualitative data. Each report is bespoke to you and your wishes.

You may be able to, but our positioning within the market gives us unique insight into organisations within the life sciences industry. We have been building our comprehensive knowledge bank since 2013.

We work with you to strategically identify potential future gaps within your current pipeline and design a strategy that mitigates risk. We build bespoke talent pools that align with the future needs of your business, so you know where to focus your hiring efforts.