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Fraser Dove Search


What is Fraser Dove Search

Our search solutions give you the flexibility to engage with us regardless of what stage of growth you are at and what your hiring needs are in terms of volume.

Primary Search – Working on a retained basis to fixed deliverables and agreed timescales, our talent teams engage with their networks to find you the life sciences talent best suited to both your technical needs and cultural fit.

Flexible Search – Sometimes there is a need for businesses to bring in people on an interim basis. Whether this is a short-term project that requires specialist talent to complete it or cover for those taking parental leave, our ‘bench’ of on-demand talent plugs gaps when you need it.

Project Search – As companies go through large scale transformation projects there is often a need to bring in a significant amount of talent over a fixed period of time. Our project offering is suited for businesses who benefit from upfront clarity on talent planning, recruitment budgets and dedicated resource.

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Why do we offer it

It takes time to identify and secure specialist life sciences talent that is in-demand. Attracting and retaining top talent can give your life sciences organisation a competitive edge, but middle-tier management holds particular influence. Not only are they responsible for delivering divisional-level goals and objectives, but their visibility and involvement in day-to-day operations means they are crucial to your employee engagement and retention.

Fraser Dove is a specialist talent consultancy in the life sciences that helps companies navigate these challenges, reducing time-to-hire and securing the people at the forefront of the industry.

The science behind our search

How do we deliver it?

Whilst you’ve been making life-saving products, we’ve spent years working on our search formula to prove it works.

Since 2013, we have created a refined four-phase process to find, qualify and shortlist the very best life science talent.

  • Expertise
    Phase I
    Pre-search, Discover & Define:
    A discovery briefing takes place to establish the skills, experience and competencies you are seeking, which we then translate into a 'Search Matrix'.
  • Reach
    Phase II
    Attract, Identify & Engage
    Our research consultants work with our talent and marketing team to engage with our networks, utilise market leading tech and promote your roles.
  • Precision
    Phase III
    Qualify, Assess & Shortlist
    The crucial stage of matching skills with the ‘Search Matrix’ by using competency and technical based questioning. We present you with a report on each of our shortlisted individuals.
  • Agility
    Phase IV
    Guide, Influence & Offer
    We work with those who are selected to interview to ensure the recruitment process is as seamless as possible and can provide full offer management if required.
  • Discretion
    Close, Feedback & Onboard
    From counter offers to onboarding, we ensure that communication does not stop. Feedback is provided to everyone involved in the process with a view to continuously improving processes.


Answering your commonly asked questions

Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) contain answers to the most common questions our clients and candidates ask our consultants about executive search. Should you have any specific questions that we have not yet answered, please contact us at enquiries@fraserdove.com or call us on +44 (0)203 355 7050. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within 1 business day.

Our timeline of delivery suggests an optimum process should take nine weeks from role briefing to candidate signature.

No, we work from senior individual contributors through to C-Suite. For example, we don’t work with machine operators.

Each solution is dependent on the scope of the project and tailored to your organisation. If you would like more information, please contact our consultants who will be happy to discuss this further.

In retained search, the client chooses one executive search partner to identify and secure a candidate. The search partner will work as an extension of the client’s in-house talent acquisition or HR teams, taking the time to understand the business and its values. In retained search solutions, a project fee is paid upfront and a completion fee is paid on successful placement of a candidate.

We can’t always guarantee results, but that’s the reason we have robust processes and procedures in place. What we can guarantee is our commitment to work as hard as possible to ensure the outcomes of the search align with your wishes.

We work as an extension of your business – we support internal TA teams in their efforts to secure the best talent outcomes for their key stakeholders. We view it as collaboration, not competition.