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  • Date posted:31/05/2022
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In episode #08 of Talent Acquisition Matters, we sat down with Tessa James, CEO of Talent Reimagined.

Talent Reimagined is a strategic partner in talent transformation, from processes to drive better business outcomes, through to empowering organisations to have innovation and agility with their hiring.

It was insightful to get Tessa’s take on talent, specifically the issues people face in today’s market and why Talent Acquisition isn’t as complicated as we think it may be.

We’ve highlighted our favourite takeaways below for you.

What is your overview of the challenges that scale-ups face in today’s talent market?

“I’m an opportunist. So, I don’t see the challenges so much, which I think drives some people crazy. But I think, to your point, some challenges, I would say, for sure is scaling your company into the different locations and geographies that you need to scale into, especially if you’re trying to work towards that talent-centric hiring.

Another thing is vision and brand awareness to some perspective as well; I think depending on the size, the organisation and how you’ve been able to craft that message.

But I think the opportunity to your point is the ability to now take what is becoming the way of work today and not necessarily the future of work and move towards this talent-centric hiring approach.

I don’t necessarily believe there’s a talent shortage. I think the talent exists. I think it’s just a way of ensuring that the right processes, technology team supports, and leadership can understand how to tap into that.”

What pillars do people need to get in place to get TA strategy right?

“Firstly, I don’t necessarily think organisations are getting it wrong; I believe there are some organisations who are just stepping more boldly and bravely into this space. And they’re the ones that are starting to get it right or are getting it right.

And, I think the organisations doing that can quickly pivot and change their direction and take on a new approach….”

How do you recommend and advise companies on their talent strategy?

“So I think it’s pretty simple. It doesn’t have to be over-engineered; it can be as simple as a survey that talks to people about a concept.

And, it’s not new; it’s just literally a poll survey to ask questions, but asking the right ones, such as how do you want to work? What are the moments that matter to you? Etc. And then being able to distil that down!

There’s so much talent out there who has all the potential to do the work; you just have to ask the right questions and find those people. I get in conflict about this concept of the talent shortage because I think we’re driving that in some ways.”

To listen to the full episode, click here.

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