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  • Date posted:29/03/2022
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In episode #4 of Talent Acquisition Matters, we were thrilled to be joined by Jason Cachia, who is one of our global Headhunters within the Quality and Regulatory space. 

He has worked in recruitment since 2012, and is an integral team player here at Fraser Dove. 

We had the opportunity to sit down and pick his brains about his market, specifically his thoughts on what clients can be doing within his niche to attract the best talent.  

How are candidates getting noticed? And how can clients attract them?

“So one significant element is how they’re being presented to the market. The story that they’re given, the ambitions of the organisation is very clear, very concise. It’s not only happening at an interview stage, it’s also out there in the atmosphere, whether it be LinkedIn or through their marketing material.  

Additionally, having flexibility in terms of working from home, where possible, is hugely important as well. What can you offer somebody to really attract them? It doesn’t just have to be salary, but you need to be talking about the total package. The ones that get it right are listening to the marketplace and changing what they’re doing.” 

Passive vs active candidates, what are your thoughts?

“I think for us, that’s where we ended up being most success successful in finding the right candidates because we can take that to the market.  

The passive market is very slim, and that’s where you want to be attracting talent because there’s, they’re not interviewing, they’re not in other processes.”  

What else do you think that companies could improve in order to, you know, entice the best talent?

“They need to be flexible in the person that they’re looking for. So, there are too many organisations searching for the perfect candidate; someone who has 100 or 110% of what they want. Now, the more and more companies that are doing this, the less successful that they’re being.  

Now,  where people are being successful is identifying who’s an 80% candidate that they’ve interviewed, do they fit in culturally? Are they engaged with the brand? Can they do the majority of the role?  How quickly can that be taught? Invest in them instead, and that’s another notch on the belt for that organisation being able to gain good talent.” 

What trends are you seeing in the quality hiring space, in particular right now?

“One thing that we’re seeing is biologics and Biotech’s are really taking from the pharma talent pool, and being more open to doing that now. There has been a massive uplift in CDMO talent attraction currently too. So, that’s what I’m seeing in the marketplace currently is that the transition in the openness to looking at a slightly different skill set, but then it’s leaving a massive hole in the pharma space.” 

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