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Life science executive search experts

The 20th century witnessed unprecedented advances in health care, medicine and technology. Over the past century, life expectancy has improved, many diseases that decimated populations are now treatable and our knowledge of the human anatomy has increased drastically.

Fast forward to the present and countries typically spend 9% GDP on healthcare. Forecasts predict the industry to be worth $1.5tn by 2022, due in part to ageing populations, an increase in lifestyle-related diseases (e.g. heart disease, obesity) and demand from emerging markets.

As the sector continues to evolve and diversify, life science organisations need to embrace the exponential changes in technology which will enhance their value chain operations: Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and preventative analytics to name but a few.

Fraser Dove International can help. Our life science specialism ensures we deliver the very best talent within strict time frames. To this end, we partner with a variety of life science organisations from industry leaders to emerging startups.