Episode 6 - Brian Vigeant CEO at CultureHQ

Episode 6 - Brian Vigeant CEO at CultureHQ

In 2017, Brian co-founded CultureHQ, a platform to help companies tell their story authentically through their own employees. Prior to founding CultureHQ, Brian has seven years experience within business development at companies including Forrester Research, where he met his co-founder, Jimmy Hall.

CultureHQ is on a journey to create meaningful connections between employees and provide companies with new analytical insights that will transform the workplace for the better.

In this episode, Brian and Tom touch on the most impactful ways to attract diverse talent to your business, how companies can make their talent attraction content work for them, how your business can develop an inbound strategy to bring talent into your company and much more.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Talent Acquisition Matters.

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