Episode 2 - TJ Power - Co-Founder at Mindfully Empowered

Episode 2 - TJ Power - Co-Founder at Mindfully Empowered

Tj is the Co-Founder of Mindfully Empowered, a Psychological Wellbeing Consultant, and the Director of Mental Health & Wellbeing at Whitecalm, The Wellbeing Company. Tj is a young man incredibly passionate about deeply understanding how our modern world is influencing our mental health and guiding people towards innovative perspectives that can transform their psychological experience. Tj has constructed and delivered his holistic mental health programme to 100s of people across a wide range of audiences, including the corporate space, start-ups, and individuals navigating cancer.

TJ joins Thomas to discuss, how we can manage our own mental wellbeing, reduce stress, get enough sleep and create balance in our busy working lives.=

They’ll cover off some key points and give some fascinating insights into how you can manage negative self-talk and build a better relationship with the tech we use.

Listen in for some practical tips and advice to help you in 2022.

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