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Fraser Dove International partnered with an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company specialising in working with life science organisations to design and construct manufacturing plants.


As an American organisation, our client was looking to expand its operations into the Europe market with the opening of two offices, one of which is located in Switzerland. Our client was looking for a Senior EPC Project Manager with strong project management experience to lead projects all the way through from initial building plans to building completion. This hire would play a key part in the client’s growth plans in Europe and so they were keen to secure the high-calibre individual.


There was a talent shortage in EPC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and leaders in Europe with competitors in the local area all looking for a similar profile. As such, it was highly important for organisations to differentiate themselves to entice top talent.

Solution: Partnership Search

Partnership Search helps life science organisations to identify and secure high-impact talent with the ability to add value to existing and future operations. This exclusive and contingent offering was the ideal solution for this highly specific and esteemed position. 


During the discovery briefing, the client made it clear to get going on the search for this business-critical position straightaway. Our client was looking for talent from a competitor who was able to speak both German and English. Our client was in good hands as the Assignment Lead – Brett Lofthouse – works closely in the EPC market and has a strong network of such talent from our client’s competitors. From his existing network, Brett was able to build a list of suitable talent and approach them with the position. He was able to differentiate our client and attract interest by positioning the role as a great opportunity to build something from scratch and join a growing organisation with roots in the US.


Brett delivered a shortlist of 3 exceptional EPC candidates – one of which moved through the interview process fairly quickly and received an offer. 


Our client was so impressed with his EPC background and experience that they decided to upgrade the position to a Director of EPCM Projects. Our client was delighted to find their ideal candidate in a short timeframe, due to Brett’s expertise in the EPC market and his existing network.


How we work

To find, qualify and shortlist the very best life science talent - high-achievers with the right mix of skills, experience, qualifications and competencies to not just excel in the role but ensure a good cultural fit - we must first understand our client’s business, their mission, values and culture.

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