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Fraser Dove International partnered exclusively with an established pharmaceutical organisation specialising in the development of vaccines to treat emerging public health threats. 


Our client required a Vice President and General Manager to lead the commercial and manufacturing operations at their Sterile Fill-Finish facility, preventing contamination and ensuring high production standards. With this role came the responsibility of strategically managing three hundred personnel. Staff worked autonomously, so a unique management style was required to let them work independently.


Despite our client’s best efforts, they had failed to source the hire internally; the position standing vacant for over four weeks. The only other option for our client was to identify top-talent in the highly competitive candidate market, which led to them reaching out to Fraser Dove due to our robust network.


Solution: Partnership Search

Partnership Search helps life science organisations to identify and secure high-impact talent with the ability to add value to existing and future operations. This exclusive and contingent offering was the ideal solution for this highly specific and esteemed position. 


Following the discovery call, the Assignment Lead – Harry Simpson – worked closely with our client to develop a Search Matrix. This document outlines the skills, experience and competencies essential for success in the role. Armed with this insight, Harry began a search for the desired candidate, using traditional search techniques including headhunting and networking.


In less than nine weeks, Harry had delivered a strong shortlist of five profiles to our client. The client was delighted with the quality and standard of these candidates, which resulted in an eighty per cent shortlist to interview conversion rate. 


Harry played an active role in the entire hiring process, from delivering the shortlist, to arranging interviews and managing offer negotiation on behalf of our client.



The successful candidate was an excellent communicator who possessed the management style required to lead an autonomous team. Our client was pleased with the quality of the shortlist and the quick turnaround. The candidate was also delighted with the strong equity package that Harry secured on his behalf. 


This was Fraser Dove’s first time working with this client, and due to the strong impression left after securing high-impact talent, our client is looking forward to working with Fraser Dove again on future searches.


How we work

To find, qualify and shortlist the very best life science talent - high-achievers with the right mix of skills, experience, qualifications and competencies to not just excel in the role but ensure a good cultural fit - we must first understand our client’s business, their mission, values and culture.

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