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Fraser Dove International was appointed by a leading ophthalmology life science organisation seeking to expand their supply chain operations across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). This specialist pharmaceutical company develops, manufactures and distributes life-enhancing ophthalmology products to medical professionals and patients worldwide, with ambitious plans to expand their market share.

Though our client had a research (R&D) and manufacturing presence in the region, their supply chain operations were relativity undeveloped and in need of investment. To meet their ambitious plans for growth, the organisations’ supply chain operation was given the green light for restructure. As part of this transformation, over twenty new supply chain positions were created at sites in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Their mission: to develop and mature existing SCM Processes, methods and procedures, enabling the organisation to accelerate its presence within the EMEA landscape.

Time was of the essence for this search; our client sought to hire and onboard all new hires within nine months. Fraser Dove International was appointed an exclusive retainer on the search and worked in close partnership with our client’s Talent Acquisition, HR teams and hiring managers.


Discovery Briefing:

The first step in the Outsourced Search Process, the discovery briefing enables us to 1) clarify our clients market offering, their mission, values and culture and 2) define the core requirements of the role(s). It leads to the creation of a Search Matrix – a document outlining the skills, experience and competencies essential for success. It is used in conjunction with the job description to qualify candidates for cultural and technical fit.

Talent Mapping:

Fraser Dove’s in-house research function undertook a Europe-focused market mapping exercise to develop a robust talent pool of life science professionals with extensive experience in supply chain management and GMP/GDP compliance. Talent mapping reduces lead times, providing an initial ‘focus’ for the search while ensuring its geographic scope is sufficient to headhunt high-impact talent. It also yields insight into how best to approach prospective candidates, allowing the research team to hone their pitch before reaching out to the talent pool.

Outsourced Search:

Outsourced Search, our project recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution, relieves pressure on Human Resources during periods of rapid growth or business transformation. Working as an extension of our clients business, this insight-led, tailored and scalable solution enables discerning leaders to steward their resourcing needs during times of change without sacrificing the candidate experience. It combines traditional executive search techniques – headhunting, networking and talent mapping – with a leading-edge search methodologies.

The Assignment Lead, in conjunction with the research team, conducted a competency and technical based qualification assessment to match long-listed candidate’s against the Search Matrix. Outstanding candidates – those qualified against the skills, experience and competencies outlined in the Skills Matrix – were shortlisted and presented to the client for first-stage interview.

From this point forth, Fraser Dove managed the entire candidate-side interview process on behalf of our client, from scheduling interviews to post-interview feedback and offer negotiation.


The completion of the search and appointment of new hires in a timely fashion enabled our client to press on with the supply chain transformation and complete the project ahead of schedule. All individuals placed exceeded their brief, shoring-up existing supply chain processes and implementing new measures, laying the groundwork for our client to meet their ambitious growth targets. Their efforts ensure our client now has a robust and scalable supply chain network in the EMEA region, paving the way for the organisations continued expansion in the EMEA landscape.

A 100% offer to acceptance ratio demonstrated our expertise in recruitment process outsourcing and was key to a successful relationship with our clients’ in-house Talent Acquisition (TA) team. The success of the search led to Fraser Dove International being retained by the client on future search assignments. Since then, we have assisted the client with a number of specialised and niche senior hires in the product supply and procurement space. If you would like to find out how Fraser Dove International complement your hiring efforts, get in touch via the form below.



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To find, qualify and shortlist the very best life science talent - high-achievers with the right mix of skills, experience, qualifications and competencies to not just excel in the role but ensure a good cultural fit - we must first understand our client’s business, their mission, values and culture.

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